Pair Work: Energy Tag

By Tomoaki INABA via Wikipedia Commons

The greatest gift we can give a loved one is our attention. It needn’t come with sweet nothings, advice, or reassurance: just whole-hearted attentiveness.

For this exercise, begin by sitting across from a partner (preferably yours) in a comfortable position. Take a few minutes to breathe and relax into the space.

Look into your partner’s eyes, and hold their gaze. Begin to synch your breath, though this will probably happen naturally. Take their hand and hold it in yours, keeping your gaze unbroken.  

As you do this, an energy will arise, some yours, some theirs, some mutual. As you breathe, bring your awareness to the energy you are generating. Pay attention to your mutual rising and falling of breath. Then when it feels right, silently send energy to your partner by gently squeezing their hand.

Notice what is passing between you, without thought, without words. Allow your partner to hold the energy for as long as they like, and send it back to you by squeezing your hand, all the while holding eye contact.

Continue like this for as long as it is comfortable.

For more Dirty Mindfulness exercises see here.  

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